Thursday, 13 September 2007

Uomo Di Viaggio

So strangely enough, I haven't had time to get excessively excited as I've had a fair amount of work to do, with tying up loose ends so I don't leave S and L with unecessary shit. Every time I do think about our trip, though, I get little thrills of excitement. I am looking forward to this SO much!

We've managed to fit all our stuff in two fairly smallish bags - I was forbidden to take our bigger bag, and so I've really only taken twice the amount of clothes I need instead of three times. We checked in online last night as well, so even though we're leaving work at 3:30pm, this is more because we just feel like it, rather than because we have time constraints. Our flight leaves at 6:40pm, and since we're checked in we only actually need to be there at 5:40pm. We're going to go have a drink and read the Venice guide together and get all excited. I kept forgetting to take the guide on the train with me in the mornings, so I've only just opened it, but already I am fascinated by the city and what we're going to see. The thing I found most surprising is that Venice is a city in decline, with the population having halved over the course of the last half century, and experts believe that by the end of this century, it will finally be uninhabitable. It's the sinking city - both literally and figuratively. Aaah! Poor Venetians. Venetian - isn't that a lovely sounding name? If I could choose to be any nationality, I'd choose Venetian because it sounds so classy and mysterious and exclusive. Ok, perhaps it's just me. But you don't quite get the same aura from German or Portuguese, do you?

The rest of the gang are all going to Pacha this weekend. I'm a bit jealous, as Pacha is the club we've all been dying to go to - it's one of the most well known names on the club circuit, and the original Pacha in Ibiza is the oldest club on the island and rated the third best club in the world. It's just our bad luck that we're away when everyone goes to the London branch for the first time, but of course, I shouldn't be complaining, because I'd so rather be travelling in Italy than clubbing in London. There's plenty of time to go again.

Ok, this isn't working... it's taken me an hour so far to write this post, and there are not even three full paragraphs! Everyone in the office keeps stopping by to enthuse about Venice (apparently the whole world has already been there; I'm a bit late catching up) and give me advice. I've had to lie and say I've read the travel guide from cover to cover so people stop trying to give me their "Perfect Day in Venice" itineraries - there are only so many of those you want to here without throttling the speaker! I'll sign off for now, and next week I'll bring you all the stories and try and take you with me on our trip. :-)

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phillygirl said...

I think it's the fact that being Venetian makes you sound like you could be from Venus that makes it sound so exotic ;)