Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year's Resolutions

You gotta love them. Not only do we have to deal with the inevitable January depression caused by back to work blues and the anxiety of facing yet another year of aging, but those pesky resolutions - usually made when inebriated and convinced one can do anything - come back to haunt you as January rolls on and you break one after the other.

Here's how mine have gone so far:

New Year's Resolution 1: To go on a month's detox. This involves not drinking or eating junk food for the month of January.

January 1st - at home.

3pm - So far so good. Recovering from NYE party, although, somewhat mysteriously, hangover has not yet hit. Still waiting. Am going to have tuna with brown rice for supper.

6pm - Making tuna and rice. Shoes and Miss M pop out to get KFC.

6:15pm - Cracked. Am sharing Shoes' chips. Oh well, at least no drinking.

January 2nd - at private screening of Nicole Kidman's new movie, Australia.

7pm - Walk into screening area with Scarf, determined not to drink complimentary Jacob's Creek wine.

7:03pm - Cracked. Took glass from smiling hostess without blinking eye.

7:35pm - Accepted top up. Dammit. Try again from tomorrow.

January 3rd, at home with Shoes and Miss M.

6pm - Shoes grumpy. Says life is no fun without alcohol. Is going to open bottle of wine. Miss M concurs. Hold out for about 5 seconds....

6pm & 5 seconds - Cracked. Had glass. Then top up. Need AA.

New Year's Resolution 2: To write stuff every month (book, articles, essays - not sure yet, but writing must be done).

January 5th - at work.

11:30am - So far so good, am writing blog post. Cheating? Ok yes, but still have 26 days to go. Still holding out hope for this one.

New Year's Resolution 3: To not shop at all for month of January, and to only buy one very small thing per month for rest of year.

January 2nd - on ebay.

1pm - Bid on book, Is Harry On The Boat? Oops. But maybe will get outbid.

5pm - Win book. Ok, bad, but it's only £2.45 including postage. No more books.

January 3rd - on amazon.

6pm - Buy first book in Conn Igguldsen's Emporer series. Really, really want to own series. Only £3 per book. NOT POINT!!!! Must stop shopping!!!! Must prove it can be done. Feck. Ok, start again from Monday.

6:15pm - Have cracked already, might as well make use of guilty time left. Buy second Emporer book. NO MORE!

January 5th - So far so good. Must hang in there - first week is hardest. Cravings will subside soon. Be strong. January Sales.....NO! Stay in office on lunch. Read about poor people who have nothing. Think beyond shallow self. Can do it. Will do it.....Physically knotting hands together to prevent self from opening ebay window. Not great start. ;-P


Claire said...

Ha ha ha - nice one Lopz. It's a bit ridicoulous how we think that just because the clock strikes 12 we must suddenly be all virteous!

I was supposed to stop socialilsing during the week.... curently tonight I'm to a braai at G-Days; Tiger on Tues and Dinner out on Thursday... feck! :)

Lopz said...

They're there to guilt us into being better people - which only matters for the first 5 minutes of the new year ;-P

Oh how us mighty do fall! At least I have hope to fulfil one of mine. Good luck with the anti-socialising...maybe start after G-Days has left, will be easier!

Confuddled said...

Ohhhhh, it sounds so familiar! Good luck with the will power ;-)

The Divine Miss M said...

Are you forgetting the chicken pieces you had on New Years Day from KFC? :P

Shoes and I are bad influences! No drinks or badness at the movies tonight!?!?! Popcorn isn't badness is it ... ?

Least we didn't crack to the Simba chips OJ brought to Sunday Movie Night!

Lopz said...

Erm, you are so right. Oops. Selective memory caused by guilty failure?

Those damn nik-naks are now sitting in the cupboard taunting us. OJ left them there "for next time". Even though next time is 25 days away (and counting)...

Lopz said...

Oh, and Confuddled - thank you, I need all the help I can get!

The Divine Miss M said...

We all have selected memory, I'm selecting not to remember the wine Shoes made us drink, of the glass I had at home last night!

Stupid OJ. Damn you OJ. We shall not eat them on Sunday. We shall not eat them on Sunday. We shall not eat them on Sunday.


po said...

ha, one of my resolutions was to stop complaining about the weather. that lasted -6 seconds,which is strangely similar to the current bloody temperature!

The Divine Miss M said...